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Mobile Robot Base

Mobile Robot Base

Thanks to the Mobile Robot Base from fruitcore robotics, the industrial robot HORST is multi-functional and therefore particularly flexible in terms of application. The platform can simply be moved manually to its site of operation. This makes it an ideal and sensible addition for the automated production of even small series.


  • Emergency stop button
  • Mount for robot control panel
  • Internal switch cabinet attachment including ducts to HORST
  • Lockable switch cabinet door with a key to the switch cabinet on the front
  • Aluminum baseplate including hole pattern for HORST (can be positioned at the center or side) and M8 hole pattern for various applications (grid dimension of 100 x 100 mm; other hole patterns available upon request)


  • Integrated 2D laser scanners for up to 360° monitoring of the hazard area
  • Lateral safety guards
  • Machine flange for latching onto machines with repeatability
  • Individual adaptations upon request

Technical data Mobile Robot Base
Dimensions in mm (L x W x H) 1000 x 600 x 900 1200 x 800 x 900 1500 x 1000 x 900
Empty weight in kg 110 130 160
Payload in kg 300 300 300
Carriage 4 rubberized caster wheels, Floor lock

Training station A and B

Training station A Training station B

HORST makes a lot of things easier, including in training. Our industrial robot is the perfect combination of production system and training application. It’s ideal for giving your company’s apprentices a hands-on demonstration of what’s important and not just in theory.

  • 6-axis industrial robot HORST600
  • Robot control panel
  • Switch cabinet including complete safety control
  • Electric robot gripper with gripper jaws for applications

Mobile robot base:
All-purpose platform, enclosed on two sides

  • Emergency stop button
  • Mount for robot control panel
  • 2D safety scanner
  • Work surface with hole patterns for a variety of training applications
  • With wheels for mobile use


  • Software licenses for offline programming of horstFX
  • Complete visualization with the digital twin
  • JavaScript programming language

Training applications including solutions:

  • Hands-on palletizing of balls
  • Programming loops in the ball path
  • Accuracy and linear movements in the labyrinth

Teaching units:

  • Didactically developed tutorials for immediate use, including exercises and solutions
  • Different levels of complexity (graphical and textual programming)
  • Incl. basics of robotics