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AUTOMAPPPS OLP: Fast Offline Robot Programming

The software for faster and easier robot offline programming. Automated collision avoidance, motion planning, WYSIWYG simulation and further support features simplify and speed up robot programming and cell-design compared to conventional OLP or teach-in.


  • minimized time and costs for robot programming
  • simple use for non-experts, embedded process know-how
  • reduced testing and non-productive time (better OEE)
  • reduced cycle-time, space and HW requirements
  • cost efficient line tracking and multi-robot cells
  • ideal for very high variants and small lot sizes

AutomAPPPS - reactive:
Automated Robot Programming in Real-Time

Generate robot programs within seconds - up to 1000 times faster than conventionally. Automate extreme variant processes not thinkable otherwise: vision-based deburring, shape corrections, or touch-up and spot-repair of defects detected seconds before.


  • automates novel, reactive applications
  • automates lot-size 1
  • programs robots in seconds
  • compensates very large pose deviations
  • supports cost-efficient line-tracking

AUTOMAPPPS - Bin Picking:

The grasp- and motion-planning solution for bin-picking robots and visual pick-and-place. It plans the entire robot optimal and collision free - with its speeds and acceleration limits, not just grippers or parts of the robot.

  • robust grasp, optimized robot motions, faster cycle-times, smaller cells
  • for almost all robot manufactures
  • independent of sensors selected
  • allows a shift of focus to value-creating applications
  • fast optimization - during cell design and ramp-up, locally and remotely

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Example for cell layout optimization and robot offline programming and realized robotic robot cell.

Random Bin Picking

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