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Aubo Robots - The Clever Alternative to Classic Industrial Robots

Collaborative Lightweight Robots

Technical Specifications AUBO i-Series
i3 i5 i10 i16
Axis 6 6 6 coming soon
Payload 3 Kg 5 Kg 10 Kg
Reach 625 mm 924 mm 1350 mm
Repeatability +/- 0.03 mm +/- 0.02 mm +/- 0.05 mm
Linear Velocity ≤ 1.9 m/s ≤ 2.8 m/s ≤ 4.0 m/s

Collaborative Functions:

  • Guide to teach (inverse kinematics motion planning), this manual operation of the robot enables quick and easy programing of the robot by demonstration without any programing skills.
  • Works side by side with human operator without safety fence, laser or sensors (after a risk assessment is preformed).
  • Teach pendent user interface for programing (forward kinematics) enables online programing and simulation via a touch screen tablet.
  • Lightweight, flexible, easy to re-purpose this robot weighs in under 24Kg.

Safety Functions:

  • Designed in accordance with Pl d and ISO 10218-1 (5.10.5 power and force limiting) safety requirements and compliant with most all specifications for collaborative robot operation.
  • Power and force limiting design brings robot to a protective stop if limits are exceeded or a collision is detected. Speed and force can be adjusted to fit and optimize any application easily.
  • Sensors embedded in motor drives provide real-time feedback to prevent dangerous situations.
  • Emergency stop buttons are positioned on teach pendent and control box with a braking distance less than 1mm.

Open Source Architecture:

  • CAN bus network used in this robot for multiple microcontrollers to communicate with each other.
  • ROS (Robot Operating System) compatibility is supported through an API.
  • Hardware adopts bus protocols with open I/O interface extensions.
  • Easily integrate robot into existing production systems.

Return On Investment (ROI):

  • Low cost of ownership, no programing skills needed, and ease of integration into a system all add up to a quick return on your investment.
  • Short run, high mix environment job like Lab automation or machine tending are prime examples of industries needing fast redeployment.
  • Floor space is a premium cost at most company’s usually more than the equipment. A small foot print, lightweight robot will be a huge benefit for any size company’s cost of production.
  • Repurpose, redeploy and or reinvent applications with the same robot.


  • Vison systems can be easily integrated into controller.
  • The software system can be functionally extended as desired by plug-ins.